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Richmond River Ecological Health Program

Report Card Spring 2023

The recurring C- grade in the second RREHP report card echoes the challenges identified in the initial assessment, reflecting persistent issues in the catchment's ecological river health. Lower catchment sites continue to show poor water quality and low macroinvertebrate diversity, while even upper catchment areas with relatively better water quality exhibit low diversity, indicating widespread compromised aquatic habitat. The impact of significant flooding events in February 2022, leading to landslides and a legacy sediment load, poses ongoing risks to aquatic health and exacerbates the ecological challenges faced by the Richmond River catchment.

spring map 2023.jpg

Report Card Autumn 2023

Sampling riparian condition, water quality and river health using macroinvertebrates the Richmond River Ecological Health Program was created to provide publicly available ongoing riparian and ecological river health information for the Richmond River and its waterways and catchment. Thanks to funding by a Southern Cross University VC Flood Recovery Grant and support from the Richmond Riverkeeper Association and River Ecology Australia. The first sampling campaign was completed in May 2023 by our 11 trained citizen science groups.

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