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Community 'citizen scientist' river health education programs

Teaching bioassessment & river health awareness in the community

Here at River Ecology Australia, we aim to create engagement with rivers and the local community using stream macroinvertebrates. 

Biological assessment using the type and number of macroinvertebrates found in a stream or river can tell a lot about how healthy that river is. This information is useful to identify areas of concern in a stream, creek, or river and inform management actions. It can also be used to monitor and show the impact of restoration works on riverine and riparian ecosystem health and condition.

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Macroinvertebrate Bioassessment Workshops

Our training is designed for community groups, environmental organizations, private corporations, teachers, & school groups.​

Training is tailored to your needs including fulfilment of community engagement & ecological reporting required as part of grant reporting

Our workshops focus on macroinvertebrate sampling, identification, water quality data analysis. & reporting. We can also include additional assessment such as riparian condition, instream habitat , impact assessment, & other important measures of ecosystem health.

Workshops include

  • Instruction on water quality & biological assessment techniques.

  • Sampling & Identification guide

  • Data analysis spreadsheet

  • Interoperating data & reporting

  • Setup & guidance in implementing river health monitoring programs to quantify the work done to restore river health.

  • Ongoing technical advice on water quality & river health assessment methods, sampling, and quality assurance.

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Previous Community Projects

  • Border Rangers Richmond Valley Landcare Network Macroinvertebrate Field Days - 2022 

  • Boat Harbour Landcare - Bugs and Bass Day 2021

  • Wilson Rivers Landcare's: Wilsons Rivers's School Project

  • Tregeagle Primary School

  • South Lismore Duckpong Landcare

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Current Projects

Ongoing education and citizen science programs


Richond RIver Ecological Health Citizen Science Program

2023 - onwards

We have developed and are coordinating a citizen science program to monitor the health of the Richmond River Catchment (RRC). The program was conceived following the floods of 2022 and seeks to engage the community and foster community interest in the health and restoration of the RRC. With a small grant from Southern Cross University and support from Richmond Riverkeepers and River Ecology Australia, we have so far engaged 10 community groups across the RRC to biannually (April and October) assess water quality, river health (using macroinvertebrates), instream habitat condition, and riparian vegetation condition for a reach of stream or creek within the RRC.  The initial 10 groups are made up of 2 schools, 6 Landcare groups, 1 community group and 1 landholder. As well as providing quality data on health of the RRC, the Richmond River Ecological Health Program will create engaged communities with the drive to make a difference in the local environment.
The data collected through the Richmond River Ecological Health Citizen Science Program will improve evidence-based decision-making and management to enhance the ecosystem health, resilience, and recovery of the RRC. In addition, by allowing the community to play a direct role in enhancing the health and amenity of the rivers and streams of the RRC, the program will also improve community connection with the river and community support for restoration investment and efforts.

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